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Find out more about who we are partnered with to provide our athletes and clients with the best, all round, care.

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10% DISCOUNT on all YSN products and services for M4S athletes

Free access to YSN Kitchen App, to help you make better food choices 

Youth Sport Nutrition

YSN deliver an innovative and inspirational sports nutrition range that  delivers serious results by helping youth athletes to meet the unique nutritional demands that participation in top level sport requires.

Youth Sport Nutrition believe in a food first approach, but we understand that this may not always possible. They work to create an education focused method to help athletes achieve their best. 

HALO Hydration

HALO "hold a deeply held conviction that hydrating better (without the sugar) is a key component to performing better in life. And so, we keep human health and the potential for its betterment at the core of all that we do and create".

"We value depth…of research, of science, of hydration physio-dynamics, of relations with our customers, vendors, and retailers. Creating HALO has been a labor of love from the beginning and that depth of desire has allowed us to come up with better solutions".

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20% DISCOUNT on all HALO powders and for M4S athletes

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