Regularly monitoring our athletes is hugely important to us.

At M4S we’ve partnered with Athlete Monitoring to make this professional service available to all our athletes. The tool is available on an app for both iOS and Android giving the athlete the option to fill out their sessions wherever they are. Parents and coaches can also log into athletes’ profiles to check their progress at any time.

The information we collect on our athletes includes:

- The amount of activity done each day, as well as how hard it was and how much they enjoyed it.


- A daily wellness questionnaire including their sleep quality and quantity, soreness and mood.

- Any relevant notes on their training sessions, games or competitions.

- Any injuries or niggles they feel including an area to follow up with a physiotherapist if needed.

Normally we only see our athletes for a few hours per week, so are unaware of all the different loads placed on their bodies. Through our monitoring tool, however, we can easily collect information on all their weekly activities, allowing us to better train them to their full potential.


This allows us as S&C coaches to closely monitor our athletes’ fatigue levels. Using this, we can more appropriately plan and adapt their training sessions each day to account for any injury risks, their freshness and enjoyment, and their training cycles.  

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