Understanding Adolescent Awkwardness Infographic

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We carefully track all of our young athlete's maturation. This includes calculating their Peak Height Velocity (PHV) or more commonly known as a child's growth spurt. It's important for both parents, athletes and coaches to understand the effect this can have on their performance. Often children will go through a period of what we refer to as adolescent awkwardness and can lead to some of the issues above. It's essential we don't misread this as a lack of fitness or drop in work ethic when it's actually the opposite. There are some simple solutions to this. Firstly, start quality S&C with qualified coaches as early as possible (before PHV) to help to build solid movement foundations. Secondly, continue to S&C process throughout PHV. Focus more on the fundamentals, technique and monitor weekly training volume closely to make sure they have enough recovery time.