S&C Internships

At Move4Sport a big part of our philosophy is driven by helping early-career coaches learn and develop. We believe that as well as qualifications, practical experience drives our development as coaches. The chance not only to shadow but to experience, try out, fail and learn in a hands-on, safe and supportive environment. 

To apply for this years internship (Sept 2022 - July 2023) please email connie@move4sport.org.uk

What Will You Get From Us?

- Flexible hours (the academy is open 7 days a week, but most sessions occur in the afternoon, hours vary from 5 -15 per week)

- Experience a high-performance youth environment interacting with accredited strength and conditioning coaches and high-performance tennis coaches, in a player centred team environment

- Increase your understanding and ability to justify programme design and application

- Give you the ability to increase your understanding of youth conditioning theory and practice.

- Learn how the theory actually works in practice

- Learn how to become qualified as UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach and enhance your CV so improving your job prospects.

- Support and help with your continuing professional development from the S and C team whatever qualification you are trying to achieve.


- Generally CPD will be self-funding; however, for the right candidates with the right commitment level, there is a possibility of funding for the qualifications/workshops stated earlier.

- If already qualified to the right standard or once UKSCA foundation level is achieved, the ability to do paid individual work under the guidance of the Head of Strength and conditioning is a possibility

What Do We Expect From You?

- Increase your knowledge by attending some or all of the following programmes:

  • UKSCA foundation workshop

  • UKSCA workshops Program design, plyometrics and Olympic lifting

  • UKSCA accreditation assessment

  • Corrective exercise specialist

  • Performance enhancement specialist 

  • Internal meetings and workshops

- Assist with managing the strength and conditioning area 

- Support the organisation and delivery of topical S & C workshops for colleagues, players and parents.

- Show a passion and commitment to strength and conditioning

- Assist with Bounce our U11s athlete development program

We are looking for people that are either at the beginning of their career or would like to move into tennis strength and conditioning for this unpaid placement.  


You will have to be enthusiastic and willing to learn.


You will be prepared to commit yourself for the school year.

Within that period you will be required to:

- Assist in the delivery of strength and conditioning sessions to a wide variety of ages and levels of players as directed to by the head of strength and conditioning

- Assist with testing, data collection and input, including weekly monitoring stats 

- Be able to attend BTC in the afternoon, evenings and possibly weekends

What Do You Need?


Hold or be in last year of strength and conditioning degree/sports science/sports rehab degree or REPS level 3 qualified with good anatomy and physiology knowledge 

Desirable but not essential

Be completing a Masters degree in strength and conditioning

ASCC or CSCS certification

CPR/AED qualification

Our Testimonials

Jonathon Letts MSc ASCC ( 2016.17)

“My internship at BTC has been challenging but incredibly rewarding and is very much a case of getting out what you put in. Gareth and Liam’s patience and passion for S & C makes the internship a fantastic learning experience.  The time they both invest in giving detailed feedback each week to the interns is invaluable. Personally, the last year for me as an S & C has been completely transformative and I believe any aspiring S & C coach is sure to greatly develop their practical skills as well as their technical knowledge during their time at BTC and Move4Sport just as I have done.”

Marco Zanin MSc ASCC CSCS (2017.18)

“The Strength & Conditioning Internship at BTC has been an amazing opportunity to deepen my knowledge of S & C and its practical application with different age groups. I found that working with young athletes has supported my maturation as a youth S & C coach, and as a S & C coach with adult professional athletes, thanks to the understanding of the entire physical development. All the S&C coaches at BTC have always been available to discuss specific questions that I had, or to give me feedback and make me reflect on my practice. During the internship, we have had many discussions on various S & C topics and the coaches have always been open to new ideas and have been willing to share their knowledge. I highly recommend this experience.”

Connie Janes (2018.19)

The last year working with move4sport has given me the flexibility to learn about myself as a coach and make decisions about where I am going in my coaching career. I have had the opportunity to put all aspects of being a strength and conditioning coach in to practise, learning as we go, and being able to ask questions. Gareth has been a great support as have the rest of the team in terms of developing and learning. We get to discuss as a group and its an opportunity to get different ideas from different coaches as well. It is a safe environment where you are allowed to ‘fail’ and you then reflect on what you could do better as a coach and also what you did well as a coach. Would highly recommend this internship to anyone especially those at the start of their career.

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