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Morning sessions... 

Agility and Injury Prevention

Agility – these are movement-based sessions, teaching athletes how to be faster on their feet and react to the conditions around them. It’s ideal if you play a ball or racket sport that requires you to out-manoeuvre your opponent.


Injury Prevention – these sessions are gym-based, teaching athletes how to condition and strengthen their bodies against getting sports injuries. We will look at dealing with very tight muscles, problems with hypermobility as well as helping to develop stability and balance. This is ideal for any athletes who struggle with aches or pains when training and competing.

Afternoon sessions... 

Strength and Conditioning     

Strength – these sessions are gym-based and will be focussed on improving the athletes’ physical strength and power as well as their fundamental movement patterns. As always, when coaching youth athletes, the level of exercises they will be given is based on their athletic ability and their maturational status.


Conditioning – these sessions are movement-based and will focus on developing the athletes’ anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. We use fun and competitive games to condition the athletes’ cardiovascular systems, improving their ability to perform in competition.

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