Our Testimonials



 “Jack has been brilliant. He’s helped me improve every aspect of my endurance events through both his direct involvement in my S&C as well as helping my programme more widely.

He’s willing to adapt creatively in the moment and enjoys the process of learning and continuous improvement. He’ll suggest and embrace other support mechanisms as and when needed (eg for injuries).

Above all, he’s firm but fair and points out the blind spots in my technique, my approach or attitude, keeping me on track. Thanks, Jack.”



"Lois is currently a NAGP scholar competing regularly at Grade 2 and Grade 1 events and Tennis Europe’s.
In 2019 she represented the 12u GB team.
Her demanding training and match schedule is complemented by an integrated S&C programme with Move4Sport. 
This programme is very important so that Lois develops her strength, posture and physical wellbeing to compete at this level.
With so much age-related physical change it is important that she is regularly monitored to remain injury-free.
The programme has grown with the individual and combines strength cardio and corrective techniques
Inevitably injuries can occur by accident and the S&C programme assists with these scenarios enabling a quick but also successful recovery
The programme provides disciplined practices that develop the mindset of a future tennis professional"


“I contacted Move4Sport as I was looking for someone to guide me in my challenge of training to run a half marathon for charity. I have worked with Jonathan for nearly a year and, thanks to his professionalism, I am amazed at all I have achieved so far. With patience and lots of encouragement, Jonathan has helped me build my confidence as a runner and has taught me not to be scared to push my limits. Exercising has helped me well beyond running, it has brought back my love for sport and has helped me find myself again”.



"I have worked with Move4Sport for a year. Jack has provided invaluable insight into how strength and conditioning can benefit my running and swimming.


Our work on strength, elasticity and core stability is producing some very positive results in both sports. The sessions are tough and the good-humoured feedback is appreciated. This investment is a far better way of gaining and sustaining run speed than the conventional focus on repeated high-intensity track sessions. S&C provides a clear means of measuring improvement.


While using a gym seems to be an easy and obvious activity, there is often a very subtle difference between performing an exercise correctly to achieve the required adaptions and performing it incorrectly. Jack is diligent in explaining why a movement or task must be performed in a particular way and provides guidance on improving execution. Exercises are broken into gradually more complex and challenging steps that build towards an improvement in running speed and form."



“Liam has worked with my son for two years and the improvement in his fitness has been incredible. I was fascinated by Liam’s professionalism, knowledge and passion for his work from the very first day and I believe it’s a privilege for my son to have a coach like him”.  


“I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, and look forward to many more years of training!”



“Gareth brings expert guidance to both the structure and application of a programme designed to transform a top-level player into a world-beater”



"Sasha has worked with Gareth and his team since they’ve been at Bromley Tennis Centre. She has trained for various sports properly since about 7 and with much more focus from about 10 on particularly tennis.


Working with Gareth has helped her immensely - his ability to get ‘through’ to a player without showing any frustration only dedication is testimony to his skill and ability. A real pro in his field - he has made her laugh over the years and yet got her to produce and understand the better the fitness the better on court you will be. Never one role fits all - always tailored to the individual in ability, relevance of sport and working on specific areas depending on season, time of year or whether in a tournament block or fitness block.

Can’t say enough about Gareth who is still prepared to help Sasha in US and then back in UK.

For fitness help, I would never look anywhere except Move4Sport."



"Gareth has been my S&C coach for almost 2 and a half years. Not only does Gareth give me programmes that are hugely beneficial to my swimming, but he also teaches me a lot about the physiological side to my strength and conditioning through coaching me. This has been really helpful as it gives me insight into how my muscles should be working during certain exercises, and I can relate what he tells me to what I feel in the pool to help improve my performance. "

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